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Ufcw 1439 Collective Bargaining Agreement

On Friday, we reached an interim agreement on the creation of our Laboratory Management Committee (CML). This is a group of members who will meet with management at least quarterly to resolve issues between trading cycles. If you are interested in entering committees where we have won seats for union members, please let your representative, Nicholas, know. Our fight also increases our PTO limits for taking a vacation. Share your story about the impact of current PTO values on you. Your stories make a difference at the negotiating table! On December 15 at 8 p.m., we will have our next Treaty Action Teams, where we will discuss the negotiations in more detail. We will also launch a petition on financial transparency in Providence Centralia, St. Peter`s and Everett to hold Providence to account. We will also have banner action in the next two months to show solidarity with other hospitals during the negotiations.

Our negotiating committee met on Friday, December 11 with the management of Bartell Drugs to negotiate. Since the cases of COVID 19 have exploded throughout the country we have talked about, so far we have agreements on about half of the contract and we are starting to discuss economic issues such as the EIB/PTO, wages and other services. We know that these articles will be very controversial! We have to do something! We will plan more public actions and involve the Community and political groups around the Olympic Games. In addition, we are working with other health unions to hold Providence to account for its lack of financial transparency with respect to COVID-19 assistance. Our next rounds of negotiations will take place on January 19, 22 and 26. On January 4 at 6:30 p.m., we will meet with a Contract Action Team on Zoom and talk to the public. During this last meeting, we discussed two articles: access to trade unions and the creation of a trade union and union membership. We have had a lot of discussions about these articles and we have had agreements on some points, but the hospital has proposed anti-union language that would weaken the strength of the unit.

Approximately 200 production workers employed by Twin City Foods, Inc., a frozen vegetable processing company in Pasco Wash, joined LECW Local 1439 in Jan.