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Violation Of Compromise Agreement

The legal consequences of an infringement between the two parties and a transaction contract vary depending on the conditions and circumstances. However, the most common procedure is for the party who has been the victim of the violation to agree to obtain legal advice on its options and then attempt to resolve the issue through mediation, mediation or the courts, if necessary. A lawyer specializing in the transaction contract can support this process and try to resolve things and get what was the main purpose of the transaction contract – to avoid litigation from the start. If you have been faced with a transaction contract or need specialized legal advice on all aspects of labour law, contact our committed employment lawyers. In the first question, Solar Team disputes that Team Image was not late in payment in its payments under the compromise agreement, as the court has previously found. Between November 23, 2004, when the court lifted its original order to suspend payments, and November 3, 2005, when the court again granted the suspension of payments, there was a period of nearly one (1) year in which Team Image should have revived its payments to Solar Team. The image of the team, thus, late payment during this period of almost one (1) years and the Court of Appeal correctly confirmed on November 3, 2005 and April 7, 2006 injunctions to the team team to pay the solar team P2,000,000.00 in liquidated damages for violation of the compromise agreement.83 On the fifth edition, Team Image argues that the Court of Appeal erred in upholding the court`s annulment of its earlier decision regarding SolarTeam to pay a total of 8,000,000.00 P in liquidated damages: According to Team Image, Article 24 of the compromise agreement indicates that an enforcement order can be made for any violation of the compromise agreement. Therefore, for each act of execution, a corresponding award premium must be paid to the aggrieved party. The Image team states that the maximum amount of P2,000,000.00 for liquidated damages that may be awarded “would lead to a serious crisis in which a party would violate and/or violate one of its assurances and guarantees of freedom and the worst, even if they were all, with a relatively small penalty compared to the actual amount that is the subject of the entire compromise”.” 82 However, despite recitals 21 and 22 of the compromise agreement, Solar Team cannot be considered to have violated it because it did not initiate the criminal proceedings against Estafa Tieng.